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Richard Smith

A true digital design and Webflow expert from the North East of England with a love for all things design and front-end development.

With over a decade of experience in the digital and design industry, I have mastered my craft whilst working with some of the biggest in-house teams, agencies and individuals to simplify their problems and embrace the joy that comes from making something complicated simple.

I made a promise to myself when I first started Forming Essentials in 2022 that I would always honour my creative impulses and never create a boring experience or when working together. I don't just work for you; I also work with you. To provide the best bespoke service possible, I work as a friendly extension of your team. charging agreed-upon set prices prior to project start, so there is no bill shock and no incentive to run the clock and drag the project out.

I'm a new breed tried and tested.

What my clients’ say about me

Why I'm all in on Webflow

Webflow is the modern approach to web development.

Webflow is a web designer's dream, with nearly limitless options - all the possibilities without clunky lines of code, redundant WordPress plugins, or a CMS that gives you nightmares. The functionality, customisation, and limitless design options allow me to unleash my creativity and create simple-to-use, modern websites that not only look great but also work fantastically well for your company.


Four key steps crafted from experience

Explore & Insights

Everything I do is focused on making your business work better for you. I assist in the discovery and exploration of brands, using in-depth research to challenge assumptions at every turn.

Design & Creative Approach

Exceptional graphic design is at the heart of everything I do. I take pride in creating and implementing original ideas, bridging creative concepts with effective strategies. For each of my clients, I create memorable solutions and distinctive digital designs.

Build & Implementation

I specialise in building experiences based on your unique needs. Implementing an engagement and impressive user experience is critical to successful projects, memorable brands and engaged users.

Evolve & Improve

I approach both my work and my practise iteratively, always looking for ways to improve what I do. Whether through collaborative and long-term collaborations with my client. Nobody is flawless!


Limited Availability

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I take pride in the generation and execution of original ideas, bridging creative concepts with effective strategies. For each of my clients, I’ve created memorable solutions and distinct digital designs. With a variety of solutions from Branding, UI/UX and Website design.



I am a digital native with an eye for detail. Having said that, I’m no strangers to complex solutions. Creating one-of-a-kind custom website using the power of Webflow. I believe that no business should have a templated website, but rather something unique and creative.

Essential Kits

FROM £950+

My customised Essential Kits will help you supercharge your team or business. Bursting with essential benefits and curated services, I can join your upcoming project to lead development in a design-first, systematic way that will scale with your brand.

Latest Projects


Dissonant Futures Collective

Dissonant Futures is a multidisciplinary collective, which develops immersive narrative experiences that encourage us all to confront and discuss ecological loss, translating our explorations and emotional journeys into meaningful solidarity and climate action.



Condense are on a mission to bring the world’s live events to the metaverse. Focused on creating the best experiences for artists, creators, staff, and fans around the world.